One mistake so many make is feeling as if they’ve failed because people around them (seem to) have better lives than they currently do. They sit and sulk in disappointment daily because they don’t realize it’s not their time right now. They won’t be in the space they’re in for long, but because it feels that way they’ve allowed it to consume them. It could be that they’re used to having their stuff together and now that they’ve hit a wall they feel they can’t knock it down, but that’s not the case. Everyone has heard that “things happen for a reason” and we rarely know why, but we can’t change it. Don’t spend time comparing yourself to others without even knowing their story first because you’ll be surprised at how much easier you have it – LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING. Just because you’re not doing what you want  to and moving at the pace of others does not mean you are a failure. Your time will soon come and when it does I know you’ll make sure that it’s nothing short of amazing.



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