I’ve found it so hard to close doors and keep them closed. I hate being the one to hurt feelings, but I never consider my own feelings – and neither do others. In every relationship I encounter it’s been hard for me to let go even with clear signs that I should. It’s said that “hurt people, hurt people”, but we’ve all been hurt so what’s the next excuse? I’ve dealt with people who have disrespected me since the day we met, always want something from me, but still can’t find an ounce of respect for me. People who can never help me, but when they ask me for a favor of any kind and I say “No”, they automatically label me as selfish. People who pick and choose the importance of our relationship and then some. I’ve made excuse after excuse to continue giving chances, but no one seems to be able to find a way to be better towards me. Everyone just wants to be a victim and I can’t continue to be a suspect to feelings I’m not responsible for. My reaction doesn’t make me responsible for what you did. And even though I’m still dealing with these issues I’m learning that there’s no acceptable excuses to allow myself to be treated as less than. Don’t sit around feeling guilty because people think it’s okay to treat you like you owe them something when you don’t.


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